Entry #1

Official website & myspace

2009-02-16 19:08:40 by basspiratez

Just so you guys know,

Bass Piratez' official website is located at http://atomiku.com/bass-piratez/

Enjoy! :)


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2009-02-23 14:39:33

/Your a web developer and thats the best you can do.... Get some ad's on a splash page and make it better.... currently 5/5 you can make it 100/5... meh you know i love ya music all you need to do is put a song out every week (EVERY WEEK) and ill be happy...


2009-04-04 10:06:24

Get a Facebook group. Or I can start one. You should get FaceBook account too. More publicity.


2009-05-14 01:08:05

Just so you know, I love your music. :3


2009-05-28 20:28:06

Haha, I actually thought this sounded like Atomic Inc.
Only part I feel is lacking is the track mastering, with mastering you'd sound like rob anyday (if you eat some Fibers, ofc) :)


2010-06-27 23:01:52

By by Bass Piratez. I am sad you died


2010-11-15 18:28:45

Yo man, I'd like to ask you a few things rgarding your songs.


2011-03-30 09:03:16

ur music ispure epicness in audio thx for making us be able to have good music on our ipods